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Dear Inner Circle Friends,

I spent the majority of my life in a high-risk, high-reward business, coaching high school, college, and professional football teams. On every level, I embraced the challenges and adversity with unwavering passion and relentless preparation. The rewards I experienced from thirty-six years of coaching and teaching generated incredible opportunities to interact with exceptional individuals and dynamic communities. I am most grateful for the experience I had as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns.

The city of Cleveland possesses a heart like no other. Its relentless will to press on in the face of adversity has been an inspiration to my family and me. Cleveland will always be my home, and the desire to give back to a city that has given so much to me will always be my passion.

The spirit of Believeland transcends our sports teams. The love and loyalty to our city lives and breathes in every aspect of Cleveland life, in our neighborhoods, our communities, and our schools. Dr. Gregory Collins and I founded Coach Sam’s Inner Circle six years ago because we believe that Cleveland will truly be great when its schools are great and when our most sacred citizens of this great city, our children, are thriving.

In my professional life I have experienced exhilarating wins and devastating losses. Ultimately, my greatest win will be achieved when the children of our city realize their greatest potential.

Our city has the drive to achieve this most urgent need. We must be courageous and unwavering. Together, we can make a difference in making our schools championship schools. Please join me in supporting the mission of Coach Sam’s Inner Circle Foundation. Your contribution will make a difference.

With deepest gratitude,

Sam Rutigliano